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A Bit About Me

Kid Balloon®

Artist turned into cultural icon. Kid Balloon is an self taught multidisciplinary artist whose area of research are but not limited to graphic design, mixed media fine arts painting, fashion design, photography, videography, creative direction, motion animation, furniture design,  jewelry design and sculpting . The brand was created as an mantra to fight low self-esteem. Since the brand's establishment in 2012. Kid Balloon has collaborated with many artist and brands.This brand is genre less and flexible with no intentions on being bounded to one form of expression. Its a Kid Balloon in everyone.


Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Life………



Prim and Proper Restaurant

Kid Balloon was commissioned by 5 star restaurant Prim and Proper to create a total of 7 paintings. The paintings are on permanent display through out the restaurant. Kid Balloon is the only artist to have artwork inside this restaurant. The paintings display images of black royalty as Kid Balloon famous balloon motifs.


Dumbo House

Kid Balloon hosted a tattoo party at Dumbo House in Brooklyn NYC. At the event Kid Balloon tattooed his balloon motif on guests.

Arena Social Art Gallery

Kid Balloon hosted a solo exhibition at arena social art gallery in Washington DC.

B23 Gallery

Kid Balloon was featured in the official group art exhibition for the Artscape arts festival in Baltimore,MD. The show was a group show featuring artist Kim Rice, Ernest Shaw, Joan Cox, Ainsley Burrows just to name a few. The show was curated by (Rhea Beckett - BARS, Liz Faust – Catalyst Contemporary, and Tod Roulette – Former Chief Curator & Director of Gallery M in NYC)

Heather Gray Gallery

Kid Balloon was featured in an group  art exhibition st the Heather Gray Gallery.


Public Welfare Foundation

Kid Balloon was commissioned to create a painting for the Public Welfare Foundation in celebration of their 75th anniversary.

Shoe City

Kid Balloon released a clothing collection in all 40 Shoe City Retail locations in Maryland, DC, Virginia. As well as their online shop.

Patron x BLK Swan

Kid Balloon partnered with Patron & Blk Swan. Creating a beautiful mural installation at the Blk Swan restaurant, as well as an limited t-shirt release. In celebration of CIAA Weekend.

Champion x Shoe City

Kid Balloon partnered with Champion & Shoe City. Kid Balloon created a limited collection powered by champion. The collection was sold at Shoe City retail collections as well as their online shop.

Hat Club

Kid Balloon partnered with Hat Club to created a limited edition collection on enamel pins for hats. The collection featured a in store pop up shop at Hat Club Soho NYC location.


 Afram Festival 2021

Kid Balloon partnered with Parks and Recs to curate the 2021 Afram festival. "Kid" created digital marketing assets that will be used to promote the festival and serve as the brand aesthetic for this year's festival. "Kid" also created hand painted materials that will be used for marketing and promotion.

Miami Art Basel x Shoe City x New Balance

Kid Balloon hosted an art show in the 2021 Miami Art Basel. The show was sponsored by New Balance and Shoe City

Blk Swan

Kid Balloon created a mural for the 5 star restaurant Blk Swan. Kid Balloon art is also featured through out the restaurant.


Black Lives Matter Mural Baltimore City Hall

Kid Balloom partnered with BTST Cares, a nonprofit stationed in Baltimore, MD that specializes in mental health initiatives. "Kid" felt very compelled to spread a positive message with all the uncertainty happening in the world. Kid Balloon & BTST partnered with Baltimore City."Kid" painted a BLACK LIVES MATTER Mural at Baltimore City Hall on E. Fayette st . The mural features Balloon variations of historic African American Figures both from current and previous generations. Including Beyonce, JayZ, Fredrick Douglas, Nina Simone, Malcom X, MLK, Ali, Serena Williams, Jackie Robinson.  The mural was started and completed in one day with a total of 12 hours of paint time in total.  The street is a total of 294.31 feet long and 37.94 feet long. Below is a link to a feature on the WBALTV News report where reporters covered the event and spoke with Kid Balloon and BTST Cares CEO Chris Simon. I generated the idea to lead the team with the planning of the mural and the completion of it. From inventory, street measurements, volunteer recruiting, designing the mural, budgeting the project and much more.

 BTST x Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School.

Kid Balloon partnered with non profit BTST Cares. "Kid" taught the students of Harlem Park Elementary/ Middle school how to paint a mural. The program consisted of a 2 week virtual class taught by me. Followed by a physical meeting at the school to paint the artwork we created. "Kid" did the budgeting and management of the project also.


Auburn Elementary/Middle School

Kid Balloon created a mural with the students at Auburn The school is an specialized program for intellectually engaged students with social and communication challenges.

Bento Hudson x Art Apple NYC

Kid Balloon partnered with art collective Art Apple NYC to host a solo gallery in New York at Bento Hudson art gallery.


Timberland x DTLR

Kid Balloon partnered with Outdoors Apparel Brand Timberland and shoe store DTLR. To create unique advertising to promote Timberland’s latest release. The marketing was geared towards urban outdoor life. I created digital art work that was used for the campaign in promotion of their new boot. The digital artwork was used in advertisements and promoted on digital platforms.

MotorHouse Baltimore

Kid Balloon was a member of the creative residency at Motor House. "Kid" operated as the creative director for motor house non profit in 2019. I created graphic designs for logos, event flyers, planned events and worked with budgeting projects. I also worked on their social media account growing following and engaging with supporters.

Eat Brand

Kid Balloon collaborated with one DC's very own eat brand on a limited capsule collection of merchandise.

National Bohemian Beer x Forrent Shoes

Kid Balloon collaborated with Baltimore’s prized historic brand National Bohemian Beer. In celebration of their new “Day Beer”. The collaboration was presented as a pop up at Forrent shoes sneaker shop. Kid Balloon operated the marketing and creative direction for the project. The collaboration featured a custom painted fridge that had complimentary “Day Beers' ' for guests, A Kid Balloon mural inside Forrent shoes and finally merchandise that guests could purchase that presented Kid Balloon alongside National Bohemian iconic character Natty Boh.


Digital Footprint

Kid Balloon was commissioned by creative firm Digital Footprint.To paint a mural for breath cancer awareness month. The mural was featured on shade room.

Hennessy, Sonny Digital, London Zhiloh, SOBS

Kid Balloon partnered with Moet Hennessy at SOBS in NYC. Kid Balloon created a digital animation that was projected at the event. The event flyer was digitally animated and used to promote online through marketing campaigns created by me. I also curated the event which featured cool creative installations. The show was hosted by Grammy nominated producer Sonny Digital.


Arts Of Athletes

Kid Balloon was featured in an art show at the smiles gallery in NYC alongside Aaron Maybin and BK The Artist.

Let's View Some Art !

MOVIE TIME ! Watch Kid Balloon Greatest Moments

5 Guys

Kid Balloon created a window mural for a 5 Guys location.

Hotel Revival

Kid Balloon partnered with History Renowned Hotel Revival in Baltimore, MD and Creative agency KissTomorrowHello to create a coloring book to inspire creativity and increase mental wellness during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. The E-Book did amazing. Most of the marketing was done on digital platforms.

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